Shopping After Lockdown.

I don't know about you but I'm yearning to get dressed up. Don't get me wrong I've embraced the sporty dress down look but I miss the routine of having something to actually dress up for. I'm starting to wonder if it's ok to do my weekly Co-op shop in stiletto's a full face of make up & a nice dress because it's all a bit groundhog day.

I've also been thinking a lot about how our shopping habits are going to look in the future because post pandemic many shoppers might be rethinking their priorities. Social Isolation has given us time to reevaluate many things, especially our consumer habits. Having lived in the same clothes for the last 6 weeks one has to question if you actually need all that stuff.

Then there's the environmental impact & the human rights issue on those who are left jobless because as retailers have shut their doors around the world the garment workers who produce our clothing are being sent home with no pay. Millions of garment makers have lost their jobs as a result of Coronavirus mainly in already low income countries like Bangladesh & these people have no access to social or financial safety nets.

With this in mind the desire to buy new clothes feels like a distant dream so I ask myself what will shopping look like when we emerge from our confinement. As I work in this industry it is a moral dilemma because on the one hand I need my customers to be buying more to keep my business buoyant but on the other hand I don't want to feel guilty about being a cog in the wheel towards this mass consumption.

Furthermore, what will happen to all those perfectly good items of clothing & all the fabrics that were bought to make that clothing? Will they go to landfill, will they be sold, go to charities, reused or incinerated. Either way this is going to be a huge issue which was already on the agenda before this crisis made it worst.

Post pandemic, going shopping is going to feel very different for all of us. Do you actually want to go shopping or as a colleague of mine said recently, "I'm over it"!

How do you feel about trying on clothes that someone else has tried? What about labelling, if it's made in China, is that a negative? Will we be waiting, at a social distance, outside of a store before we are permitted to enter?

Whatever the questions it's going to be different, it has to be as we cannot revisit the same pattern of shopping habits, the one that has driven us to purchase 80 billion garments a year.

In the same breath we cannot just stop as we need to push the economy back up & not leave it stagnant. We can hope that the slowing down will influence brands to reevaluate & focus on better quality products & a focus on fair wages, less waste & less high volume production.

So, if you see me in Co-op dressed like Carrie Bradshaw it's because i'm adopting an out out look for the day as I'm sick of the in in one.......

Love Lisa x


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