How to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Generally speaking after having a good wardrobe clear out & when life was "normal" together with my friend & partner in crime, Sarah Rockley, we would have organised a local swishing event & invite all the local ladies to bring along their unworn or unwanted clothes for an evening of swapping. We would have a presentation about fast fashion and encourage our friends to think about what we can all do to lessen the environmental impact that our fashion habits are having on our fragile environment. Oh, and drink prosecco........

In the absence of Swishing and in this time of isolation there is no excuse not to have a good old wardrobe cleanse. Usually, I would come to your own home & personally help you go through this process because believe me it can be quite overwhelming, especially when you realise just how much STUFF you actually own. So, i would like to present you with some simple steps as a guide to help you minimise that closet.

* SORT OUT WHAT YOU OWN...Take out everything you own & put it on the bed. If you have a very full wardrobe I recommend you do this in stages, trousers first, dresses etc etc.

Organise into 3 piles.

1. Stuff you love & wear a lot including your basics.

2. Stuff you like but is not in this season.

3. Stuff you are not wearing or have not worn for 6 months to a year.

* THEN......

1. choose those golden, worn a lot pieces, plus basics & put them back into your wardrobe.

2. Put your seasonal clothes into bags or boxes in storage & look at them again in 6 months. don't overwhelm yourself.

3. If you have not worn it then don't keep it, give it to friends, sell on clothing websites, donate to charity but do not throw away. I do however believe that if there is a gem in your wardrobe that you love but its not quite in fashion or it doesn't fit then keep it as you can always get it altered with a local seamstress or you can bet that as soon as you've binned it the next day it'll be the hottest thing in fashion again. (remember fashion is cyclical)!

* NEXT...... Go back to your wardrobe & have a good look in it. Right there is the beginning of your capsule wardrobe. These are the things that you always wear. Ask yourself, is it smart? is it casual? Look at the colours & the shapes.Does it suit your current lifestyle?

What you also see is what is missing. Do you have lots of tops but no bottoms or is the other way round?

* FINALLY......This is the planning stage, "plan your capsule wardrobe" you can now see whats missing & what you actually have & create new & different combinations.......

The good news is you have time, lots of it so enjoy doing it & play dress up just as we did as little girls, swapping clothes & trying on different outfits. You'll be surprised........

In my next blog i'll talk about how we can improve our shopping behaviour & how small choices make a big impact on our environment.

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