This week on the 22nd April it was International Earth day, a time to reflect on fashions impact on the earth. To put this into perspective 80% of all clothing ends up being burnt or put into landfill. So, with this in mind it really is time to take responsibility for what we are making, buying & throwing away.

We need to encourage & support new systems to change the way we think about our clothes, from the raw materials to the waste on the cutting room floor and the bulging excesses in our wardrobes.

As a consumer I'm trying really hard to make better decisions about what I am buying & where from. I am not perfect but the subject is something that can no longer be ignored.

In my last blog I explained how to do a simple "Wardrobe Cleanse" & in this blog I just want to give a few tips on how we can improve our shopping behaviour & how small choices make a big difference.

So, whilst we do not have the same temptations at the moment because we are not out shopping many of us are turning to internet shopping & this can be very alluring especially when the boredom sets in or you've had one to many & reason goes out the window, I told you I'm not perfect!!!

We can all do with a pick me up right now even when we know we are financially disadvantaged we still continue to shop. So, just to get you thinking about those quick fix fashion purchases ask yourself a few things first.


-Do I already have something similar?

-Can I wear this in many ways with other things I already have in my wardrobe?

-Can I get atleast 20 wears from this garment?

Last week I suggested that after your wardrobe edit you would see if you actually needed anything or what you had too much of. Maybe, you could consider a one in one out rule. So, if you want to buy something new then donate a garment to charity, give it to a friend or save it for swapping. You could even consider upcycling it.

Shop responsibly and choose where you want to spend your money. Buy clothes that are made well & will last you for years. The reality is that we are never going to stop shopping but by making small changes in our habits we are really doing our bit. It's better that every person does a little than just a few people doing it all.

As of next week I'll be posting outfit of the week by choosing those companies that have a good ethical practice and/or using sustainable fabrics.

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