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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

What unprecedented times we are in, one day you are flicking through your wardrobe wondering what you are going to wear to work that day & the next, woosh, you are at home & those choices have been taken away from you. The "what on earth am i going to put on today" or "I have nothing to wear" is most certainly not on todays to do list.

However, for many of us who have been working from home for some time already we are already in the groove of what to wear on a daily bases.

With this is mind I thought it could be useful to put down some of my ideas on how to create your "work at home" wardrobe!

I completely believe that its important to dress like you feel you are going to work. To be honest I'm struggling with that myself, what is the point of getting out of your gym kit, who cares & who knows. Well, actually, I've tried it & if only for my mental state of mind I definitely feel more productive when I've made an effort & changed out of my joggers & sweatshirt.

It's absolutely ok to kick back in your casualwear especially when we are all trying to navigate our new way of living during these crazy times of self isolation, but for those who have brought their work into the home you can still dress professionally without sacrificing comfort. I would suggest that during this time you create yourself a capsule wardrobe of items that you can work in comfortably especially if you are having to have team meetings on Zoom or conference calls. It will allow you to still feel engaged in what you are doing & ready for the day.

I recommend:

-Comfortable trousers including jeans

-Good basic T shirts with a fashion edge, a cap sleeve, a ruffle or a bright colour.

-Printed shirts & blouses

-Jewellery to accessorise.

-comfortable loose fitting or jersey dresses.

Since it's likely you are going to be doing your meetings on line it's the top half of your body that matters. So, a plain T could be made smarter by adding jewellery or your blouse could be a nice print. Trousers comfortable as you will be sitting down or an easy to wear dress. You want to feel cosy but look a little chic too.

Finally, don't forget your hair & make up otherwise you just wont feel done & naturally because this is what your work colleagues will be looking at the most.

It's time to embrace the WFH (work from home) wardrobe!!

Coming soon, How to clear out your wardrobe.....

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